Jordan Bailey

Co-host + Editorial

A North Carolina native and storyteller by nature, Jordan is passionate about media representation and pop culture. She loves reading, writing and talking about her love/hate relationship with most things on TV. In addition to listening to way too many podcasts, Jordan is passionate about finding and creating spaces for women of color to share authentic stories about themselves and the world they live in.

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Lauren Mayfield

Co-host + Marketing

A self-proclaimed Michelle Obama in the making, Lauren has always been obsessed with wellness, happiness and slaying as often as possible. A pop-culture junkie that knows way too much about what’s going on in Hollywood, Lauren loves learning, reading, Instagram, and The Read. If you want to make her happy, get her a bar of dark chocolate, any and every bottle of red wine, and a pair of new adidas (seriously, get her a pair of Yeezy’s.) She’s thrilled to talk with all of you about life, love and of course, black girl magic.

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Rohaina Hassan

Digital + Distribution

Rohaina is a Pakistani-American, holding it down in the Bay Area by way of Chicago & Houston. She generally sticks to writing and photography, and is almost always with a coffee in hand. She loves music that makes her groove, considers TV an underrated form of art, and is newly obsessed with Radiolab’s More Perfect. She deeply believes in the power of storytelling and the Internet as a tool for change.

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Melissa Gjerde

Creative + Operations

Melissa is a California native who loves doodling, podcasts, stand-up comedy, and her roommates.



George Ramsay


Passionate about all things education, George is a North Carolinian who lives his best life when swimming, hiking, or practicing yoga. He loves consuming a warm chocolate chip cookie while listening to the sweet harmony of Jo and Lo, and remains committed to the important work of editing Jo's jokes and auto-tuning Lauren's vocals.

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